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First Class


Preschool ends at 11:30am, we then offer lunch bunch, stay and play and enrichment.  

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Enrichment Being Offered At This Time:


An introduction to countries through art, food, cultures, traditions, and animals.  


Creepy Crawly-Bugs, Dancing Worms, Erupting Pumpkins, and many more!


Learning about construction equipment, building materials, and architectural terms through books, art projects, and activities.  Building castles, towers and bridges to outer space stations.  


Our  Day  Begins...

Preschool begins at 8:30 am.  It is a time of greeting and communication with parents and their children.

First thing in the morning the children have free choice of activities:
dramatic play, building with blocks, sharing toys, painting on the easel, which is important purposeful play for a child.  While developing their social skills and decision making the children have an opportunity to use their imagination and creativity.

Circle time is a gathering time: sharing of thoughts and experiences, discussing the topic of the day, weather, calendar, stories and songs.

Fine motor and learning activities are filtered in through out the day. Active play and art projects enables the children to enrich their academic readiness which includes writing, science and math centers, manipulatives, sensory table and creating art using a multitude of medium.

​Large motor skills are exercised with outdoor play in the playground and in a large grassy area.  A variety of games, balls, hula hoops, side walk chalk and bike riding are a few of the activities.