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  • Do you have a registration fee and deposit?
    Yes, we have a $100.00 registrations fee and $100.00 Art and supplies fees and the first month tuition. When this is paid it saves your child's place in the program.
  • Do you give tours?
    We welcome tours, E-mail us and we can set a convenient time.
  • Are you religious based?
    No we are not religious based. We are located in a church, First Class rents the space.
  • How do you pay the tuition?
    QuickBooks is set up to go to your email. You are sent a statement every month with the details of charges. You may pay by bank transfer, or charge card on line. If you prefer a check, you can bring that into the office.
  • Can I change or add days?
    If space is available you can.
  • Is tuition payment different than enrichments?
    Tuition is the same every month, September through May. Enrichments and lunch changes depending on if you stay and for how many days. There is no commitment for lunch bunch, but enrichment is a month commitment, you can change at the start of every month.
  • Is there parking near the preschool?
    Yes, go to the alley behind the church turn into the outlet toward the west. That is our parking lot.
  • What is your snow policy?
    First Class follows D-11, if there is a 2 hour delay we also will have a 2 hour delay. Your child's teacher will text you to confirm the delay or closure.
  • Do you offer to pick up the children from the car, or bring the children out to the car after school?
    Yes, you are given 2 cell numbers to text and a staff member will come to the car. Please, give us a few minutes to get there.
  • What is your discipline policy?
    We pride ourselves in teaching and encouraging positive social skills. Nurturing each child in their developmental growth is so important. Redirecting children, providing a safe environment to problem solve and positive reinforcement are the go-to in dealing with behavioral problems. In the case of children's safety or disrupting the class, we will remove the child to an environment where they feel safe and are given the freedom to calm down and talk about the issue. Removing them to a quiet place, gives the child a chance to calm down without everyone looking at them. These conversations usually end with a hug.
  • How do you determine if a child is too sick to come to school?
    We hand out a flier to identify, "If your child is too sick to come to school." A quick explanation- Within 24 hours, if your child has had fever, diarrhea or vomiting, they are too sick to be exposed to other children.
  • Do you have computers or TVs?
    We do not have computers because we are a hands on learning, music and art school. First Class Preschool's philosophy is to provide a nurturing environment filled with activities that encompasses their relationships, creativity and imagination. The only time we watch TV is once a year when we have Pajama Day! This day incorporates popcorn and a movie. Sometimes computers are used to show educational clips to further enhance learning. We feel sitting your child in front of a computer or T.V. is NOT what you pay us for.
  • Do the children get a snack in the morning? How does that work?
    Every program has a snack mid morning. Each child takes turns providing their class a snack, it must be purchased. The number of times it is your turn is about every couple months. If there are allergies, or a parent wishes to bring their child's own snack in, that is fine.
  • Do you provide lunch?
    No, the child brings their lunch.
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